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With all pollsters out with their own versions of what is going to happen in Indiana and North Carolina today, here’s my prediction:

Obama will win North Carolina by 12, Clinton will win Indiana by 7.

We will know the actual results in about ten hours.

Update: With about 99% of the votes counted, Obama is winning in North Carolina by 14, and Clinton is clinging on to a 2 point victory in Indiana. Yeah, I was a bit off. But I am not complaining!

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From the Telegraph report:

Dr de Bruyn and a colleague witnessed the seal, a young adult male in good physical condition and weighing around 100kg (220lb), subdue the 15kg (33lb) penguin by lying on it.

The penguin, of unknown sex, attempted to escape by flapping and trying to stand, but was unable to as the marine predator thrusted its pelvis in an apparently unsuccessful attempt to achieve congress. After giving up the seal wandered off, ignoring its victim altogether.

The report does not elaborate why the seal was unable to stick it in. However I suspect that this passage from the Kama Sutra holds the answer.

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