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Went to meet Anshul today. It was nice to talk of old times.

He informed me that there is a True-Lies website. The articles on 29 and the monthly PJ awards are by me. And oh, the first year at ISI! The first term in particular! Has there ever been a time like that? It was a season of joy and discovery, of innocence and fun. We loved the things we did together and we hadn’t yet taken each other for granted. It seems so far away now, and so blissful!

There are so many things that come to mind. The coconut-plucking sessions, the discovery of Bangalore, T’s silly affairs, sessions atop the tank. Dil Chahta Hai. Undy-bitching, Chata Kuttamaar. Sumit, Bineet, Dadhi, Paddy. Singing in the rain. Saurav’s exclamation: ISI mein kisika kabhie girlfriend nehi hoga (He was wrong). No, there were not many girls then. At least none in my life. But one cannot have everything. Besides, some things are mutually exclusive.

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Men view themselves as permanently on some sort of sexual ladder with all women as either above them or below them. If the woman is ‘below'(i.e. willing to sleep with him, very keen on him) then in a Groucho Marx kind of way he does not want to be a member of her club.

– Bridget Jones’ Diary.

K loved L. They married and had two kids. But then their luck ran out and they separated. K took other lovers. He liked M and slept with her but did not want to commit himself to her. K now believes that he could have had M then if he had wanted to. I am not sure. But I have a suspicion that K would love to have M back. But now M is married to N and they will have their first child soon. It is going to be a boy. K thinks he will teach their boy how to draw nice circles. I think he is being sarcastic.

Then K loved O for a while though he stayed shy of committing himself to her. Now O is married to P and they are expecting a baby too. I do not know if it is a boy or a girl. K slept with Q for a few days but he discovered that Q was gay and her heart was betrothed to U. So he looked around and found that R followed U. K and R bumped into each other at this party where he kissed her lightly on the cheek and she drew a circle on his nose and thus they started sleeping with each other. Now K believes he can have R if he wants to but he just prefers sleeping with her. He says she is not his type. He says he does not love her. I am not sure. I just tell K that life is funny and one does not get many chances. I tell him he is being a bloody moron and an emotional fuckwit. One cannot be so close fisted and still keep the letters. He should grab the chance when he has it, because sooner or later they will all go away. I tell him that today he cannot have L, M or O anymore. But he just smiles and continues drawing circles on the blackboard.

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