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With orientation almost over, it’s tempting to post on nostalgic lines. I wonder why it doesn’t ring true? Perhaps the fact that the (earlier) international orientation was so much more fun made the transition smoother.

It is not like IMOTC, whose last day nostalgia was strong enough to make a good story.

But then, there’s the hike tomorrow, and I do hope I manage to figure out the whereabouts. The weekend should be fun too, with Sukhada arriving finally.

On a different note, it would be fantastic if Pasadena banished all its cars and every road was a strict multiple bike lane!

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I miss you

“I miss you too”

You do?”

“I miss you. Of course I do! …What do u think?”

That was one of the less meaningful things I have said, but you started a train of thought that night … after a long time. Hence this post.

It is also tempting to be loving and affectionate without really being so and this time I will give in to the temptation. Love you baby.

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