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A query for my readers

Do you find that this website is much slower over the past few days? If so, is your problem limited to my site or are you experiencing it on other wordpress blogs as well?

As for me, everything from viewing my own blog, posting, accessing my dashboard etc has been really slow for the past week or so. I am curious to know where the problem lies. A simple yes/no reply in the comments would be highly appreciated. Even if you are not a regular visitor of my blog, please let me know if the loading time for this particular visit felt normal.

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New theme

Muse Free sports a clean new look. Hope you like it!

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A new start

When I look back at my old posts today I squirm at the lack of polish in the writing and sometimes the content as well. However I do not wish to lose them and so they have found a home here, thanks to Wordpress’ excellent import feature. 

Why did I move to WordPress? I wanted to blog again. After such a long hiatus, I needed to make a fresh start. I also wanted more control over my posts, such as tags and password-protection.

So I am back, and I hope to write more regularly.

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