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This is probably the best article that I have read so far on the Woods affair.

Whether you choose to have one partner or many, it is crucial that you invest in their emotional well-being if you care for your own. And try to be as honest as possible. Not just for their sakes, but for yours too.

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Women took oaths of virginity, lived as men.

(Link via The Volokh Conspiracy)

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Kareena Kapoor has lost a lot of weight, TOI informs us, and looking at the photo that seems to be indeed the case. What a pity!

I have never understood this fascination with thin bodies. The essence of female beauty, methinks, lies in the curves. Of course, I do not advocate going to the other extreme of force-feeding girls to hugeness, as they do in Mauritania


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Here is a link to an article by Christina Sommers in which she talks about gender politics, affirmative action in higher education and recent, extremely worrying developments. Read the whole article, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

(Link via The Volokh conspiracy)

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