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A thought just struck me. All those dashing moustachioed South Indian actors, yeah the ones who beat up the bad guys and gyrate with the voluptuous ladies with equal panache, should write a letter to their adoring fans. They should tell those young fellas that they can do something really great this Valentine’s day; form vigilant squads and protect the couples who decide to go out. Of course, it is difficult to take up the cause of over-happy lovers, but surely these fellas (who presumably have no significant others) will do that much to abide by the wishes of their favourite superstar?

So there you go young fans, you know it is right to woo a pretty lady (your hero does it all the time) and it is also right to beat up a villain soundly (your hero excels at this too) — why not help both happen this 14th? Go out and thrash any Ram Sena activist you see on the street — Rajnikant will bless you.

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Some feel there should be no divorce today, some give them away for free.

Some hug, others kill.

There are many who crave to be free, in different ways. A wayward pop-princess wants her liberty, an exiled writer searches for her freedom of expression, these two want to merely marry. The powers-that-be have decided that they should all be denied. I sit near a neon desk reflecting on the fact that my outrage and my sorrow are not powerful enough to overturn law or opinion.

And then there is the pathetic Bajrang Dal, who believe it is wrong to love but right to harass those who do not share their belief. Sometimes I feel sorry for those frustrated men. Don’t they ever get sex?

Happy Valentine’s day, dear reader.

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