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Yesterday, at a campaign stop, John McCain was asked how many houses he owns. He couldn’t remember. The Obama team was quick to incorporate that into an ad:

Now, there are two things that strike me about this ad. First, the houses gaffe is a gift-send for Obama. It combines several themes that Obama would love to associate with his opponent. It allows him to portray McCain as old, forgetful, extremely rich and disconnected with the economic struggles of ordinary Americans. This is especially useful because Obama has been portrayed in the past — successfully — as elitist and out of touch.

Secondly, the ad itself signifies a change in tactics for Obama. It is an attack ad, the first real attack ad he has brought out against McCain. This might take some sheen off his message of change but ultimately these kind of attacks do tend to work, as Hillary (and McCain) have demonstrated in the past. Obama’s numbers in the polls have been sinking. Notwithstanding his charisma, idealism and proclamation of change, Obama is an extremely ambitious politician. He will do whatever is necessary to win.

(For those of you who think the ad is silly and irrelevant, of course it is. But in that case, it is likely you have already made up your mind who to vote for.)

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