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One of the great tragedies of modern USA, particularly seen in the modern Republican party, is its disdain for intellectualism and love for dumbing down. Do you pronounce foreign words correctly? It’s a liability. Eat aragula? Terrible! Skeptical about the existence of God? Kiss your chances of ever getting elected to office goodbye.

On the other hand, if you believe in creationism and are able to say the phrase “Joe-six-pack” faster than your predecessor can yell “nucular”, you have a good chance of getting nominated for the Vice-Presidency. And wait, you actually don’t give a hoot what researchers think? Congratulations, you are President.

(‘Pock-i-stahn’ Hat Tip: The Agitator)

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This is hilarious.

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A month an a half from now, when John McCain’s team tries to pinpoint the reason they lost the election, they will eventually stumble upon a date: September 24.

It was a day that saw McCain making his disastrous debate postponement offer (stellarly countered by Obama) that saw him mocked by Dave Letterman and much of the National Review crowd. It was also the day when Sarah Palin’s unbelievably bad interview with Couric started airing on TV.

Make no mistake, unless something spectacular happens for him in the debates, or a devastating event, like a terrorist attack on US soil takes place, John McCain threw away his shot at the presidency yesterday.

For more evidence, check out the amazing videos below:

First, Palin’s interview. It is, by turns, depressing, hilarious, embarassing and ends on a surreal note.

Next, watch Dave Letterman eviscerate McCain. It’s funny and truthful. The ultimate salt on the wound is at the very end, when he uses CBS’ in-house cameras to expose McCain as a liar, who cancelled his show with Letterman citing the need to rush to Washington, but ended up rushing to Ann Couric to give an interview.

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Sarah Palin met with world leaders for two days, presumably to educate herself on foreign policy. So what’s the only news we have about the affair? Click here for the answer.

Well, sex sells, I guess. Now only if Dubya was hot, the world might have been such a peaceful place…

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Check out the graphic above. Obama received a big bounce from the Dem convention, but then, McCain went..whoosh! Sarah Palin is the GOP dream — a potatoes-and-meat, ultra-glib, sexy, super-charismatic, Republican version of Obama.

As Althouse said:

It’s as if some mad right-wing scientists designed and built an android to counter all the things that Obama is. Can she be real? Can it be that there was this actual human entity, on ice in Alaska, waiting for this moment to be thawed out and set loose in the lower 48?

But things are not as bad for Obama as the graphic might make it look. What has happened is that Palin has energized the Republican base, so that the red states that Obama was going to lose by 10 points, he will now lose by 30. However Obama does not need to win those states, what he needs for a majority is the Kerry states + Iowa + Colorado + New Mexico. At the time of writing, the polls show Obama ahead in all the above states.

So, all Obama needs to do is concentrate on the above states (especially PA, MI and CO) as well as make a serious effort for Florida (which has a huge 27 electoral college votes, and right now is barely leaning Republican). Also, he would be be better off if his campaign stops attacking Palin and instead releases some crisp, succint ads, highlighting key issues that voters care about (e.g. the fact that 95% of Americans get a bigger tax break from Obama’s plan than McCain’s). If he can drive home these messages successfully, and stand strong in the three debates, he will still be the favourite on November 4.

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If these articles ([1], [2]) are accurate, we have less to fear from a Sarah Palin vice-presidency than I thought.

However, while her approach to creationism may not be “ridiculous and embarassing”, her approach to foreign policy certainly is. In fact, the same epithet can be used to describe McCain’s approach to free-speech, Obama’s to taxation of oil companies and Biden’s to drug policy.

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Hilzoy expresses it eloquently:

It’s easy, in the midst of a political campaign, to forget that the people involved are, after all, people. Some of them — Sarah Palin, for instance — place themselves under a media spotlight of their own free will. Others — her daughter, for instance — wind up there through no fault of their own. Imagine yourself in her position: there you are, seventeen years old, pregnant, unmarried. Maybe you understand what happened and why; and maybe your parents and friends do as well. But zillions of bloggers and reporters and pundits are about to make the most personal details of your life into a political issue, and they don’t understand it at all. And yet, despite that, they are about to use you and your unborn child to score points on one another, without any regard whatsoever for you and your actual situation.

[…] As far as I’m concerned, it’s fair game to consider Sarah Palin’s statements about her daughter’s decision, and to compare them to her own views about abortion. That’s a story about whether or not Sarah Palin sticks to her beliefs when they affect her own family, not about her daughter. But it is not fair game to use her daughter, or any of her kids, as pawns in a political argument. To my mind, this extends to using her daughter as evidence that abstinence-only education doesn’t work: presumably, no one thinks that it works 100% of the time, and that’s the only claim to which this one counterexample could possibly be relevant. (That’s why God created large-scale studies.) Likewise, I think that arguing about whether Sarah Palin is a good mother is out of line: we have no idea at all what arrangements she and her husband have made for child care, how their relationship works, and so forth. Assuming that Sarah Palin would have to be her children’s primary caregiver is just sexist.

Those who are using this issue to base their voting decision are revealing a greater affinity with tabloid-inspired mob mentality than with real life as well as displaying a severe lack of understanding of the skills required to be a good leader.

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