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Not even as a token of protest…

Ingrid Newkirk and the PETA activists had gone to Gandhi Park, blindfolded the statue of Mahatma Gandhi and hung a board that said ‘reject cruel sport jallikattu.’

Following a complaint lodged by a Congress functionary, police registered cases against Ingrid and others for creating religious ill-feeling, defaming the national leader, trespassing and also under Tamil Nadu Open Places Prevention of Disfigurement Act.

Inspector Cederick Manuel was transferred to the City Police Armed Reserve for failing to stop the protest, police said.

Newkirk told Reuters she did not mean any disrespect to Gandhi but blindfolded his statue to symbolically shield him from the cruelty of the sport.

Going into a public park is trespassing? The token of protest defames Gandhi? Protesting against a sport on purely ethical (and secular) grounds creates religious ill-feeling? There is actually a law called Tamil Nadu Open Places Prevention of Disfigurement Act?!

Also I gladly note how easy it is for an ordinary citizen to get a police inspector transferred.

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