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I may be a staunch libertarian but I do enjoy a good joke.

Here’s another one.

P.S. For the record, I am not convinced that the fire-department should be privatized. I guess on this and a few related issues, I am less libertarian than some others.

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Nice post in Prawfsblog titled “Why I am an anti-intellectual”.

But to continue:  My confession of being an anti-intellectual requires a bit of explanation.  Being anti-intellectual is not the same as being anti-intellect.  My beef is with a particular social class — the “intelligentsia” — and not with the practice of using one’s intellect to reflect on experience.  In my experience, intellectuals (as a class) are ideologically intolerant, easily offended by ordinary humor, and pretentious in their prejudices, which they disguise as universal truths.  (Whether any of these adjectives applies to Professor Heller’s response to my little poke, I leave it for others to judge).

Moreover, I find a direct relationship between the academic obscurity of self-consciously “intellectual” writer’s prose and the willingness of that writer to justify the unjustifiable.

I recommend the entire post — it is funny, well-written and insightful. Of course the sentiments expressed there are not new; Bengalis have a precise term (“aantel”) to describe and parody the class of intellectuals that Rick talks about.

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A very funny animated video parodying the Clinton 3 am ad.

(Link via Andrew Sullivan)

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The VHP mob has been killing Christians, burning churches in Orissa.

I have an idea. Let’s explain to the VHP that they should go to Iraq. After all, Iraq currently has Christians and Muslims. Whats more, they are already killing each other every day. The VHP can just go and kill a few more. It would be the perfect outlet for all their hatred … and no one will suspect skinny Indian men.

As for me, I would like to sneak up to heaven with a macho machine gun, bed a few of those promised virgins (I hear they dig guys with guns) and then … walk up to God’s chamber and kill Him. However I have a hunch that God will be disappointingly easy to bump off. By all accounts He is extremely old. Also, I doubt He has seen a machine gun in his life.

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