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One of the great tragedies of modern USA, particularly seen in the modern Republican party, is its disdain for intellectualism and love for dumbing down. Do you pronounce foreign words correctly? It’s a liability. Eat aragula? Terrible! Skeptical about the existence of God? Kiss your chances of ever getting elected to office goodbye.

On the other hand, if you believe in creationism and are able to say the phrase “Joe-six-pack” faster than your predecessor can yell “nucular”, you have a good chance of getting nominated for the Vice-Presidency. And wait, you actually don’t give a hoot what researchers think? Congratulations, you are President.

(‘Pock-i-stahn’ Hat Tip: The Agitator)

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From the Telegraph report:

For six days now, no newspapers have been printed in the curfew-ridden Kashmir Valley; and the ones from outside haven’t been distributed. Local news channels were blanked out by a government order a week ago on the grounds that they were telecasting “inflammatory” images; yesterday local operators retaliated by switching off all national channel links to consumers. Mobile texting was banned throughout Jammu and Kashmir as a “security measure” more than a month ago and cellphone networks are, at best, erratic.

Yes, the Indian government is making a lot of Kashmiri friends this way.

Also read: Swaminathan Aiyar’s case for a plebiscite in Kashmir.

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Najam Sethi writes in the Daily Times, Pakistan,

Most Pakistanis are by instinct inclined to believe that the “agencies” did it. This is the easy explanation for anything that happens in this country which is either inexplicable or unpalatable. All political assassinations in Pakistan remain inexplicable since the truth about them has never been investigated or investigated but not made public. But the truth of Ms Bhutto’s assassination may also be subliminally unacceptable to many Pakistanis because a religious or “Islamist” element may be at its unpleasant core.

Very true.

It is natural that the first fingers of blame have been pointed at Musharraf. After all, he is the man in charge, and he failed to provide adequate security to a leader who has been repeatedly threatened with assasination since she returned home and who barely survived another suicide attack a month ago. Nevertheless Musharraf, though scheming and dishonest, is no fool and the question I’d like to ask those who believe he plotted this is: How on earth does this assasination benefit him?

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Benazir Bhutto is dead.

The history of the Bhutto family is a tragic one and the assasination of Benazir, who recently returned from exile so that she could take part in the elections, is emblematic of the deep quagmire Pakistan is in.

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