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So far, Obama has proved to be a pragmatic centrist as far as economic policy is concerned. His decision to give quiet burial to the ridiculous windfall profits tax idea is further evidence that he didn’t mean much of the shrill left-wing rhetoric he used during the campaign season. That’s heartening.

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I confess that I am split on the issue of domestic US drilling for oil in areas such as the Arctic National Wildlife refuge. Currently there is a moratorium on drilling in such regions out of environmental and wildlife conservation concerns, which I strongly sympathize with. Nonetheless, as this article points out, the net effect on the environment due to the ban on such domestic drilling might well be negative.

I’d love to see a more extensive study of the matter.

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Inflammatory rhetoric from doomsday-sayers isn’t anything new; nevertheless this statement by climatologist James Hansen strikes me as extreme.

Special interests have blocked transition to our renewable energy future. Instead of moving heavily into renewable energies, fossil companies choose to spread doubt about global warming, as tobacco companies discredited the smoking-cancer link. Methods are sophisticated, including disguised funding to shape school textbook discussions.

CEOs of fossil energy companies know what they are doing and are aware of long-term consequences of continued business as usual. In my opinion, these CEOs should be tried for high crimes against humanity and nature. If their campaigns continue and “succeed” in confusing the public, I anticipate testifying against relevant CEOs in future public trials. 

Global warming is real; the science proves it. However, equating the actions of Oil company CEO’s (or tobacco CEO’s for that matter) with actual crimes against humanity displays an astonishing lack of understanding of the words involved and a terrible disregard for the freedoms we hold dear.

(Link via The Volokh Conspiracy)

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Robin Hanson debunks the notion that speculators and manipulators are responsible for rising gas prices.

Eugene Volokh debunks the oft-made claim that free speech laws in the US do not, somehow, apply to ‘hate speech’.

Jim Lindgren debunks internet rumours about Michelle Obama.

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