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Reason has hauled in 16 nominations for the annual Greater Southern California Press Club Awards. They dominated the magazine category, earning 10 of the 20 finalist spots. 

For those who are unaware, Reason is a monthly libertarian magazine, probably the best libertarian magazine that exists.

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One advantage of subscribing to the print edition of a magazine is that you get the good stuff early. There was a lot of good stuff in the current edition of Reason and now that the articles are finally on-line, I can share some of them with the rest of you.

This illustratedstrip by Peter Bagge is a highly entertaining take on the presidential contenders. This was around the time that the newsletter scandal broke, and Ron Paul is a major figure.

Is the fourth great awakening coming to an end, Ronald Bailey asks, in a long but highly readable essay about moral tectonics and the major shifts in public opinion in American history.

Jacob Sullum reviews two recent books on the drug war and comments on the “arbitrary distinctions at the root of prohibition”.

And here are some, umm, interesting quotes.

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Online reading has its merits, but there’s nothing like sitting in a comfortable couch and flipping the pages of a favourite magazine. So, four weeks ago, I signed up for a year’s subscription of Reason, and my first copy arrived today. Delicious.

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