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Amit Varma nails the sad truth in his choice of post header.

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An Indian NGO questions the requirement that all political parties adhere to socialism in writing.

Will this case lead to change? I am sceptical. Yet, one can always hope, and I will.

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The people who suffered (the violence unleashed by CPI(M) cadres and the police) were paid back in their own coin.

-Buddhadeb Bhattacharya , the Chief minister of Bengal, justifying the brutality in Nandigram.

I was astonished and aghast when Buddhadeb Bhattacharya made the above statement two weeks ago. He also referred then to the CPI(M) supporters who had been allegedly displaced from Nandigram as ‘our people’, thereby implying that his loyalties weren’t to the entire populace of Bengal. Well, it appears he is sorry for it now. He should be.

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