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I am an avid hiker and have visited plenty of National Parks in the USA and India. I have been mesmerized by the grandeur of Zion, the majesty of Grand Canyon, the sublimeness of the Himalayas, the spectacular beauty of the high Sierras and the rugged harshness of Joshua Tree. Yet in terms of sheer variety, scale and that undefinable ‘wow’ factor, Death Valley is in a class of its own.

For where else can you find expansive unending desert plains, vast salt flats hundreds of feet below sea level, Saharan sand dunes, deep walled multi-colored canyons and snow-capped mountains all an hour’s drive from each other?

We were a group of eight and notwithstanding some minor issues, gelled together well and had an amazing time. Over the last five days, we rolled down sand dunes, hiked up canyons, scrambled up rock faces, camped one night deep inside the wilderness, walked upon the lowest place in the Western hemisphere and braved deep snow and chilly conditions to climb a 9000 feet high mountain. It was a wonderful trip and I will cherish the memories.

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