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The BCCI’s position on the Zimbabwe issue is shameful.

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I.S. Bindra wants betting on cricket to be legalized in India. I wouldn’t have expected such a sane proposal from a person with a history of saying stupid things. But credit where credit’s due. Bravo!

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There’s a right way and a wrong way of going about improving your circumstances and I think I went about it the right way, so I don’t understand why people would be calling me disloyal.
I find it strange that in any other job people accept that you try to improve your circumstances and get in a better position to provide for your family, but it’s almost like you’re not supposed to do that in sport. I don’t understand that; maybe it’s because professional sport is so new in this country. 

-Shane Bond, arguably the greatest New Zealand fast bowler of his generation, on why he joined the ICL, effectively signing off his international career. Read the whole article, highly recommended.

I have great admiration for Bond and I wish him the best. A part of me however continues to hope that we will see the sight of Bond again on the international stage, where he belongs … high up in the air, his body a beautiful symmetry, his arm about to deliver one of his fast lethal yorkers … with the BCCI and its bullying ways a distant memory.

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Soumya Bhattacharya in a Cricinfo article says that Indians are racist.

I broadly agree with the contention, however I find his examples rather weak. There are several issues that interplay here and it is disappointing to see them mussed up haphazardly – an aesthetic preference for lighter skin tones cannot, for instance, be equated with a moral belief in white supremacy. 

He also mandates, with the cliched rationale of this being a ‘global village’ , that Indians should modify their speech and idioms so that they align with current Western European and American standards of politically correct expression. Careless choice of words and a truly racist attitude are not the same and the world would be a sorrier place indeed if more nations were to jump onto the political correctness bandwagon.

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