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Regular drug-war watchers are probably aware of the recent raid of Berwyn Heights mayor Cheye Calvo for suspected drug possession. The police did not find any drugs and a few days later, cleared Calvo and his wife of any wrongdoing. (They also refused to apologize for the raid.) The details of this case have a sadly familiar ring to them; despite that, I feel obliged to at least mention them here.

On the night of July 30, a large posse of armed policemen entered the home of the mayor and shot dead his two labrador dogs. In a clinical and brutal style that would have made Dick Cheney proud, they put handcuffs on the mayor and his mother-in-law and forced them to lie face down and watch their beloved dog bleed to death.

While this was happening, one of the detectives decided to talk on her cell phone and make a veterinary appointment for her dog. She also called up a friend to say this was her first raid and that it was “exciting” because it was the mayor’s house.

Sometimes attitudes reveal a lot.

(Hat tip: Reason Hit and Run)

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Rachel Hoffman was a college student and a bit of a hippie. She tried drugs and got caught. Police threatened her with prison time unless she agreed to become an informant and set up a meeting with the supplier to buy $10000 worth of drugs and weaponry, a purchase drastically out of character for a person used to buying a few grams of weed once in a while.

She did as the cops told her to. The suppliers, not surprisingly, smelt something very fishy. She never came back from the meeting.

Her body was found last week.

Welcome to the gruesome workings of the war on drugs, where collateral damage is normal and acceptable, where the enforcers are so steeped in morality that they would rather have people dead than high, where the only measure of success is how many people the cops arrest.

And where a young girl loses her life for daring to have a bit of fun.

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