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For someone who claims an advantage over his rival on foregin policy and ‘how the world works’, John McCain sure lets slip a few embarassing gaffes. For the second time in two days, he referred to the country of ‘Czechoslovakia’, which as the reader might recall, does not exist any more. 

In view of the above, the Seattle Intelligencer cartoon of an ol’ droolin’ forgetful McCain seems apt.

Ok, I guess that was unkind. So, to balance it, here’s the now notorious New Yorker cartoon of Obama to which the above was a response.

For the record, I think both cartoons are hilarious. Unfortunately, the politically correct folks and the reverential supporters will not agree.

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In case you haven’t done so yet, do check out Savita Bhabhi, India’s first online pornographic cartoon strip. The stories are fairly standard and the art-work good though not top-class. It is appealing nonetheless. In fact, barely two months after its launch, it’s traffic rank in India — according to Alexa — is currently an astounding 66.

Which, of course, has made the moral police sweat.

According to psychologist Mythili M. Sharma, a bhabhi can stand in for a mother in a typical family arrangement if the mother should die or otherwise be unavailable.

“Websites like this one are not definitely going to be taken in good taste in India by an average Indian male psyche, because bhabhi hold a special place in the mind of an Indian male,” she said.

Indian legal experts also blasted the site, claiming it violated the country’s Internet laws.

“In my opinion this site is more dangerous than a normal adult site since it targets young Indian audience and degrades women,” said Na Vijayashankar, a security consultant based in Bangalore.

Ooh, what will happen to our country when young people stop worshipping bhabhis as asexual matronly figures and start thinking of them as women with thighs?

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A very funny animated video parodying the Clinton 3 am ad.

(Link via Andrew Sullivan)

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