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Andrew Sullivan — otherwise one of Obama’s strongest supporters — calls him out for not opposing Proposition 8 strongly enough:

The final analysis is pretty clear. There was a big overlap between new, largely black Obama voters and the forces for discrimination against gay married couples and our families.

The massive black turnout was the critical factor. And Obama’s refusal to take a firm stand in the last few weeks of the campaign was instrumental to its passage.

[…] Obama has always opposed marriage equality, even splitting with his own church on the issue. In California, he got his way.

Yes he did.

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The CNN exit polls explain the passage of Proposition 8, that eliminates the right of gays to marry in California:

African-Americans voted for Proposition 8 by a 69 percent to 31 percent margin. However, 55 percent of white voters and 52 percent of Hispanics voted against the proposition.

This does seem to affirm the common observation that African-Americans tend to be highly homophobic. It is unfortunate that a group that has been a traditional victim of discrimination voted yesterday to deny legal rights to another community.

(Hat Tip: The art of the Possible)

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