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I dreamt of you last night

I know you visit this space sometimes. You might be amused to know I dreamt of you last night.

It was a funny dream. Some math conference: you were there and so was I. I saw you and didn’t take my eyes off. A couple of minutes later, you looked in my direction.

We said hi, we sat down on a couch. We talked for ten minutes without rancor or awkwardness before it was time to go.

I was happy because I felt we were actually going to be friends again.

Then I woke up and it took me ridiculously long to realize it truly was just a dream.

I spent the rest of the morning reading your diaries which I still have, skimming though a million old emails not necessarily related to you and generally engaging in activities which stir memories and tend to fill me with pain and wonder and nostalgia.

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