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Go Nevada!

This news reminds me that there is still one state in the US with a sensible prostitution law.

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The absurdity of the drug war is so gargantuan that a critic simply has no idea where to begin. There are a lot of things that are wrong in this world and a lot of things that are unlibertarian but very few are so wrong, so unlibertarian and so stupid. Yet, ask a common man on the street his opinion about drugs and you will hear ignorance, fear and strong support for the existing policy.

Much of this craziness is undoubtedly because most people are so used to viewing drugs as ‘evil’ that they have never even stopped to think seriously about the issue. If you are one of them, or you just want to read one article that summarises the collateral damage from the war on drugs, read this piece by Radley Balko.

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The president elect met with several liberal bloggers and columnists yesterday, following up on his dinner with conservative writers the night before.

I think these (unprecedented) meetings perfectly demonstrate the aspect of Obama I like most, his willingness to carefully hear out opposing viewpoints.

Here’s Andrew Sullivan’s (non-)account of the meeting:

Lots of emails from readers asking about the chat with the president-elect this morning. It was totally off the record and I’m a stickler for those rules. I can say, however, the following: it’s hard to express the relief I feel that this man will be the president soon. I realize that’s what I feel above all else: relief.

I may disagree with him at times, and criticize him at times, but his great gift is showing that he does not expect people to change their convictions in order to find common areas of agreement. That’s the challenge he’s presenting all of us with, wherever we come from ideologically. The challenge is as real for a Krugman as for a Kristol, for Rick Warren as well as Gene Robinson.

As I’ve said repeatedly for the last two years, we’re lucky to have him.

Update: For a contrarian take on Obama’s charm offensive, read this post by Reason’s Matt Welch.

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