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Election tidbits

The election results matched pre-election predictions fairly closely. In particular, almost all my predictions, such as this and this have come true. The credit of course, goes to the pollsters who did a great job, and a man called Nate Silver who created the best polling analysis website ever.

One of my favourite results of the election is Indiana. It is not just that Obama won, it is that his margin of victory was less than then the number of votes won by Libertarian Bob Barr. Undoubtedly many of Barr’s voters were disgruntled Republicans. This election will have truly served its purpose if it makes the GOP realize that they cannot abandon liberty and expect to win. It seems like we are on the right path.

Of course, the icing on the cake would have been if Obama won Montana on account of Republican votes being siphoned off by Ron Paul, who is on the ballot there (and has won a fair number of votes too). Well one can’t have everything!

And lastly, I hadn’t watched McCain’s concession speech till just now. And I agree with those who have watched it already, it is as classy as it gets. McCain’s unbelievably generous and well-scripted speech — and his visceral disgust at his boorish supporters — is a reminder that even a long campaign cannot take away the inherent graciousness of a good man.

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Matt Welch, editor of Reason, hangs out with some Obama supporters.

Unlike in 2000, the crowd outside was much more celebratory, much less shouting angry taunts in the direction of the presidential bedroom, for whatever little that’s worth. It’s a bit startling to have people roll down their windows and yell “O-ba-ma!” at you, but they seemed pleasant enough. Not for the first time, I wonder what it must feel like to vote for the winning team.

I wonder too. Perhaps always will.

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