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If these articles ([1], [2]) are accurate, we have less to fear from a Sarah Palin vice-presidency than I thought.

However, while her approach to creationism may not be “ridiculous and embarassing”, her approach to foreign policy certainly is. In fact, the same epithet can be used to describe McCain’s approach to free-speech, Obama’s to taxation of oil companies and Biden’s to drug policy.

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Apologies to the reader for the small number of posts here this week. I was at the University of Oklahoma for a math visit from Tuesday to Friday.

It was a fruitful visit. I gave a couple of talks and discussed a lot of number theory. In many ways the whole thing, especially the math discussion, was reminiscent of my Olympiad days when we would think about math problems all the time, sometimes in groups, sometimes individually and explain our bright ideas to each other with a particular kind of passion that few people ever experience. The trouble with research is that everything is so specialized that it is hard to find people to talk to who really understand your stuff. So the last few days were almost from another planet — waking up at 8 AM, going over to Starbucks to meet the other two, and mathiness for the rest of the day. And did I mention that I was put up in a luxury suite and everything I ate or drank (including every cup of coffee) during my stay was paid for by them?

I am back now, so blogging should resume. Cannot promise a flood of posts though. Math has a way of reminding you of its superior status from time to time.

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