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…Captain Henry Nicholas Nicholls was hanged in London for sodomy.

Executed Today is an interesting blog that describes executions that took place in the past on each day of the year. Today’s entry is about Nicholas Nicholls, who was executed in accordance with British law under which homosexuality was a capital offence until 1861. 

According to the London Courier,

The prisoner was perfectly calm and unmoved throughout the trial, and even when sentence of death was passed upon him[…]  At 9 o’clock in the morning the sentence was carried into effect. The culprit, who was fifty years of age, was a fine looking man, and had served in the Peninsular war. He was connected with a highly respectable family; but, since his apprehension not a single member of it visited him.

I hope that one day we will look back at Charlie Lynch’s sentence with the same incredulity with which we today view Nicholls’.

(Hat Tip to Andrew Sullivan for the first link)

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Iced coffee should be cold-brewed. Putting ice on a cup of hot-brewed coffee makes a concoction that tastes like watery bitterness. And under no circumstances should iced coffee be made by pouring a large amount of iced water on steaming espresso. You simply don’t do that. It’s worse than milking horse-piss.

And if you are not aware of the above facts, please do not open a coffee-chain!

I haven’t been to Murky coffee, and as far as I can tell from this famous story their owner is a bit of an ass, but I think I’d prefer their brand of snobbishness over perversion-going-by-the-name-of-coffee any day!

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