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Where reason fails

“It’s impossible to reason people out of something they have never been reasoned into.”

Jonathan Swift

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Check out the Reason TV video clip below about medical marijuana dispenser Charlie Lynch and his recent guilty verdict. (I had earlier blogged about this sad case here and here.)

I found the clip deeply disturbing. I hope you do too.

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Another brilliant letter from Don Boudreaux. Excerpt:

Just as many on the right naively fantasize that foreign problems are best solved by force, “liberals” fantasize that domestic problems – real and imaginary – are best solved by force. Jobs disappearing in Ohio?  No problem – force Americans to buy fewer foreign goods.  Too many Americans without health insurance?  Force taxpayers to give it to them.  The “distribution” of income doesn’t satisfy some Very Caring Person’s criterion?  Government should forcibly redistribute.  A mine collapses in West Virginia?  Uncle Sam should force mine-owners to increase safety.  See?  All very simple.

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Regular drug-war watchers are probably aware of the recent raid of Berwyn Heights mayor Cheye Calvo for suspected drug possession. The police did not find any drugs and a few days later, cleared Calvo and his wife of any wrongdoing. (They also refused to apologize for the raid.) The details of this case have a sadly familiar ring to them; despite that, I feel obliged to at least mention them here.

On the night of July 30, a large posse of armed policemen entered the home of the mayor and shot dead his two labrador dogs. In a clinical and brutal style that would have made Dick Cheney proud, they put handcuffs on the mayor and his mother-in-law and forced them to lie face down and watch their beloved dog bleed to death.

While this was happening, one of the detectives decided to talk on her cell phone and make a veterinary appointment for her dog. She also called up a friend to say this was her first raid and that it was “exciting” because it was the mayor’s house.

Sometimes attitudes reveal a lot.

(Hat tip: Reason Hit and Run)

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