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This year’s Wimbledon final was in many ways similar to last year’s– just longer, more gruelling and more competitive. However the outcomes were different. After an epic battle, Federer had prevailed last summer by raising his game in the final set to a stratospheric level that Rafa was unable to match. This time, however, Rafa proved that he had caught up. He had an answer to everything Federer threw at him. Watching the match was like seeing two supermen trading blows. The tennis played was one of sustained brilliance.  And ultimately, the younger guy with the stronger legs prevailed.

Can Federer come back again or have we entered the Nadal era? Time will tell. As for me, I will hope and continue to support my guy.

(Federer photo by flickr user toga, Nadal photo by flickr user mandj98)

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Is morality just codified human preference? Or is it given and absolute? How are our notions of right and wrong related to our evolved psychology and semantics?

These are some of the difficult questions Eliezer Yudkowsky tackles in a series of posts that I feel compelled to link to. So, here they are. Do read them in the same order.

The articles are long and the arguments presented in the form of dialogues. Thus the reading takes some effort, which, however is amply rewarded. I should add Yudkowsky’s disclaimer that his own position on the matter is not represented by any of the parties depicted in these articles but will be elaborated in a follow-up post. 

It is probably fair to say that the linked articles contain no new revelations (at least none that I haven’t myself derived). However their greatness lies in the way the central arguments and rebuttals have been crystallised, presented and clarified. Looking forward to the next one!

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Iran’s parliament is discussing a bill which would make “establishing weblogs and sites promoting corruption, prostitution or apostasy” a crime punishable by death. The bill also stipulates that once awarded, the sentence “cannot be commuted, suspended or changed”.

More here.

As a morally corrupt (certainly by Iranian standards!), prostitution-advocating libertarian and atheist who delves into all these matters in his posts , I wonder what I’d be thinking now if I were Iranian.

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