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If you are ever in Las Vegas, do not miss this.

For an amazing video of the same thing from the hotel room on the 30th floor, click here.

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If you are a rebel and the law comes in the way of your natural course of action, you would probably feel justified in violating it. But what if those in power decide they are going to stop you from doing something that you hadn’t planned on doing anyway? What do you do if there is a law that bars you from an activity that is immoral in your personal code but is strictly your business? 

In other words, does your outrage at someone else infringing on your basic freedoms justify your doing what they say you cannot — in order to demonstrate that you do not and will not respect anyone who tries to run you? Is it reasonable to violate a (bad) law simply because it is the most satisfying or effective way you can make this particular ideological point?

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