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The Washington Post has a fine article about Samantha Power, the top Obama aide who was forced to resign after a Scot newspaper published her ‘off-the-record’ remark that Hillary Clinton was acting like a ‘monster’ and ‘stooping to anything’.

How does a Harvard professor and Pulitzer Prize-winning author manage to blow up her brief political consulting career over the use of the phrase “off the record”?
Samantha Power resigned as a foreign-policy adviser to Barack Obama yesterday, hours after the Scotsman newspaper quoted her as making a disparaging remark about Hillary Clinton — although, immediately after uttering the comment, she asked the reporter not to use it. As the story recounted:

” ‘She is a monster, too — that is off the record — she is stooping to anything,’ Ms. Power said, hastily trying to withdraw her remark.”

Read the whole article for a wonderful profile of Power, a brilliant academic who was also once called the world’s most beautiful woman by Vogue magazine and whose life changed forever when the words “It’s Obama, call me” showed up on her cellphone one day.

It is unlikely Samantha Power will be asked to play a role as a political advisor by anyone again. It is even more unlikely that Clinton’s spokesperson Howard Wolfson will resign for comparing Obama to Kenneth Starr earlier this week. Such is politics.

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Online reading has its merits, but there’s nothing like sitting in a comfortable couch and flipping the pages of a favourite magazine. So, four weeks ago, I signed up for a year’s subscription of Reason, and my first copy arrived today. Delicious.

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