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This story is so unreal, that it can’t possibly be false. A student was slapped with a three day suspension by his school, because the pen he was using happened to contain the logo G which stands for the Glock company, a gun manufacturer.

This is not really about guns or extreme political correctness or even freedom of expression. Or rather, it is about all that, but above all it is about the lack of something else. Something called common-sense.

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Soumya Bhattacharya in a Cricinfo article says that Indians are racist.

I broadly agree with the contention, however I find his examples rather weak. There are several issues that interplay here and it is disappointing to see them mussed up haphazardly – an aesthetic preference for lighter skin tones cannot, for instance, be equated with a moral belief in white supremacy. 

He also mandates, with the cliched rationale of this being a ‘global village’ , that Indians should modify their speech and idioms so that they align with current Western European and American standards of politically correct expression. Careless choice of words and a truly racist attitude are not the same and the world would be a sorrier place indeed if more nations were to jump onto the political correctness bandwagon.

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