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Chalmers Johnson says in an interview to Pasadena Weekly:

But in the macro, I would say above all the fact that we were so flummoxed by 9/11. We were so surprised by a non-state actor bringing such enormous damage to us that we reverted to old ways of thinking. We had to go back and find a state that was responsible. We were not any good at chasing down al-Qaeda … so we began to redefine the issue in a way that the office of the Secretary of Defense could deal with it, namely to say that a secular Arab dictator was a root cause of al-Qaeda. This was absurd on its surface. We had to invent an enemy we could easily crush and destroy, which is what we went after, and we were awfully naive about the consequences of doing something like that.

I think that is an excellent summary of the mess in Iraq.

Also at the beginning of the interview:

PW: How do you go from being a Cold Warrior working for the CIA to writing a trilogy on American imperialism, as you’ve called it?

Chalmers Johnson: As John Maynard Keynes, the great English economist, once put it: “When I get new information, I change my position.”

How I wish the Indian Left politicians had a similar outlook!

Read the whole thing, it is worth it.

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