Archive for July 16th, 2005

1. Once upon a time, I thought tidbits was spelt tit-bits. P corrected me.

2. I am hearing ‘Bheegey hont tere’ right now. There is something so intensely romantic about this song…and it affects me in a way I cannot adequately describe. It has the chill factor for me, and the line – Kabhie mere saath koi raat guzar,tujhe subah tak mein karu pyar..- I don’t find it corny at all, but sublime! Maybe it is the associations…

3. Harry Potter 6 releases tomorrow. Need anything more be said?

4. It is strange how so many people prefer female bodies that look like they have been starving for a month. I mean..they look like rickety wooden  dolls, how can anyone dream of having sex with them? A beautiful woman is curvy and voluptuous. Period.

5. This is an excerpt from Roman Polanski’s autobigraphy. “I am widely regarded, I know, as an evil, profligate dwarf. My friends – and the women in my life – know better.” Yes, I know better too, Roman. Because I love your work.

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